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American Income Life Insurance Company is all about Opportunity Unlimited. Opportunity Unlimited means there are no limits to how much you can earn, how far you can advance in your career, or how many people’s lives you can help protect. As an independent contractor, you are in control of your financial worth and leadership performance. If you’re looking for a flexible career opportunity where you truly help change the lives of others, take a closer look at American Income Life.

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Patrick ‘Bulldogg’ Bendure received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Kent State University in Ohio in 1996. But it was a decade later when he embraced his future with American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL).

“I was in the bar and night club industry for 15 years before I joined the Surace Smith Group of AIL in 2006,” Bulldogg recalls. “I was drawn to American Income Life by its philosophy of Opportunity Unlimited, which was and is most appealing. Additionally, I was attracted by the ability to have control over the trajectory of my personal successes as well as my professional career,” he adds.

Bulldogg is proud of all he’s accomplished with American Income Life. “My greatest accomplishments with AIL are relocating to Columbus, Ohio, and having the opportunity to start an office from scratch, which has developed into one of the top Company offices internationally … all the while being recognized on stage at Convention as a top General Agent, Managing General Agent, and Regional General Agent … as well as receiving recognition for Leadership Development,” he states. “If I could start over with AIL, to be honest, I wouldn’t really change anything. However, I wish I had found this Company when I was 18 years old,” he adds.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of joining the American Income Life family for Bulldogg? “Most of all, it’s been developing others around me daily,” he emphasizes, “but the financial freedom is also a tremendous reward,” he says.

Bulldogg strongly believes in AIL products and the value his Business holds for clients and representatives. “Our products help people by protecting their past, present, and financial future ... everything the family had, has, or will have in the event of the death of the main breadwinner,” he says. “Our organization also is involved in many philanthropic causes throughout our community including: Firefighters for Kids, toy drives, and The Red Zone, which helps keep inner-city kids get off the streets. Our mindset is if we take out of a community, we must give back to it. As Jim Surace, one of my mentors, says, ‘If you don’t have enough, it is because you don’t give enough.’”

Outside of American Income Life, Bulldogg’s interests include exercise, football, boating, cars, and quality family time. “In my free time, I develop, coach, mentor, and constantly work at self-improvement,” he says. “I’m also active with ‘In His Steps Foundation,’ an organization that encourages and teaches Christian stewardship as the basis for personal giving and estate planning. Funds are invested for the purpose of making charitable distributions to various ministries,” he adds.

If you’re considering a sales or leadership position with American Income Life, Bulldogg has excellent advice for you. “Our Business offers Unlimited Opportunity to develop oneself in many areas: mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, economically, personally, and professionally. Find a mentor you trust and listen to him or her one hundred percent of the time. The secret to success is never taking advice from someone you aren’t willing to trade places with,” Bulldogg emphasizes.

Are you ready to transition to a new and empowering career? Contact American Income Life today, because your future starts NOW!

After graduating from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance in 2006, Dan Hartwig worked as a consultant in the financial services industry. But when a friend from college, who worked for American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL), spent two-and-one-half years recruiting Dan, he was finally convinced and joined the AIL team in 2008.

It was a transition Dan does not regret. “My greatest accomplishment with American Income Life is my promotion to Master General Agent (MGA) within the Surace-Smith Business a year after starting with the Company,” states Dan, “and having the opportunity to run Toledo, Ohio. The city is competing on an international level every year among the Company’s top MGAs. In 2017, I was recognized among the top five MGAs in the entire Company,” he adds. “For me, the most rewarding aspect of joining American Income Life is seeing the growth, not only personally, but among peers. It’s one thing when you get better; it’s another thing when others are winning with you,” he emphasizes.

“American Income Life products provide an economic light for families during a period of darkness,” he stresses, and he offers this advice to anyone who considers joining the AIL family. “Stay hungry, humble, and be open to coaching,” he recommends. “Be aggressive about developing yourself, because development precedes all growth. The building and growth process never stops in this business or in life. You just learn how to do it better, faster, and stronger. And stay focused on where you are going, not where you are,” he advises.

What would Dan do differently if he could restart his AIL career? “Honestly, I’m not sure,” he says. “I left a $70,000 annual salary to join American Income Life, and I didn’t have time to waste,” he recalls. “I always found my desire to be great rooted in seeking out the best in the business and not making a ton of decisions myself. That was the key to my success … not focusing on what I wanted to do, but executing the direction given to me,” he adds.

Dan envisions an amazing future for his Business. “Our Business prides itself on creating opportunities for people to develop themselves personally and professionally, while eliminating financial barriers through a competitive compensation package,” he states. “Through our comprehensive training program, representatives learn a proven system to serve and protect the working, middle-class market. For those who seek additional training and a desire to grow, our organization has been recognized year-after -year for its leadership development. Finally, we offer college students an opportunity to gain practical business experience. They can develop their communication skills, sales skills, and leadership skills, all while earning income through part-time and internship programs,” he continues. “In addition, we are heavily involved in a number of philanthropic projects throughout the community, the state of Ohio, the United States, and across borders. Our philosophy is ‘If you don’t have enough, it’s because you do not give enough’,” he emphasizes.

Dan’s main interest outside of American Income Life is working out. “In my free time, I work to develop the mind, body, and spirit,” he says. “I’m involved with ‘In His Steps Foundation’, an organization where I use my financial experience to encourage and teach Christian stewardship that becomes the basis for personal giving and estate planning”.

Are you ready to transition to a new and empowering career? Contact American Income Life today, because your future starts NOW!

Marcus Smith started with the Company back in September 2001. He was an intern and was going to a small business college. Marcus had to do an internship and, at the time, had interviews with three different employers who were business owners. He was recommended to interview with Jim Surace, who owned the Business in Ohio. During that interview, even though he had never heard of American Income Life Insurance Company, he was blown away by Jim’s character and what he had accomplished with AIL.

Marcus was looking for an internship and was really excited about what American Income Life was doing with labor unions, credit unions, and associations. Working with blue-collar families and working class Americans was a background that he was both familiar with and knowledgeable of, and had passion to serve. Marcus asked Jim Surace if he had any positions available for interns. Back in 2000 he started as an intern in the Ohio office in North Royalton and loved it. "Luckily for me, I did a decent enough job at the internship to be given a full opportunity to stay at American Income Life. So, I’ve been with AIL since I was 19 years old," he says.

"The way I came aboard American Income Life was a little unique, but through that interview, I really wanted in. I really wanted what they had," he adds.

James Surace, was in real estate before joining American Income Life Insurance Company. When the real estate market softened, James seized the AIL opportunity. He was attracted to American Income Life because of leads made available, giving Agents places to go and reasons to be there.

His first year with AIL, James was runner up for Agent of the Year. He was promoted to Business Owner his second year with the Company and was so successful he built his own 12,000 square foot office building. He was the AO of the Year in 2006 and 2008 and is proud that 10 other Business Owners have been promoted from his office.

Is James pleased he made the career switch? “This position has allowed me to fulfill a purpose greater than myself and given me an income that will extend to impact generations. It’s an amazing position of influence where you build riches while changing the world through impacting and improving lives. Life insurance is the only product people can buy that can take care of those they love most if they are not there to do it.”

To those considering a career move to American Income Life, James says, “My advice is to get in the AIL door as quickly as you can. With AIL, I can live out my purpose 24/7 as my interests, hobbies, and mission in life are impacting people’s lives in a positive way … to serve people.”

AIL has given James the opportunity to serve many people through his personal and financial involvement with organizations like the Jesus Film Project, City Mission, LOVE INC., his local church, Across Borders, Love Mercy Organization, All-School Assembly Program, Lighthouse Ministries, and the YMCA.

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We’re looking for a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who see the value in our opportunity of a lifetime. Say yes to AIL and we’ll give you the ability to have an outstanding income and a whole new lifestyle. A career with American Income Life Insurance Company gives you freedom. The choice is yours.

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