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American Income Life Insurance Company is all about Opportunity Unlimited. Opportunity Unlimited means there are no limits to how much you can earn, how far you can advance in your career, or how many people’s lives you can help protect. As an independent contractor, you are in control of your financial worth and leadership performance. If you’re looking for a flexible career opportunity where you truly help change the lives of others, take a closer look at American Income Life.

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Philip Prata, Business Owner in Connecticut and Massachusetts, has been with American Income Life Insurance Company for eight years. Before beginning his AIL career, he was a fulltime college student at Rutgers University, paying his way through school bartending.

After graduating with a finance degree, Philip knew he wanted something other than the traditional ‘corporate grind.’ He was attracted to American Income Life because it offered, “financial independence and the opportunity to run my own business. AIL doesn’t hold you back based on your degree or years of experience. You are rewarded based on your work ethic and desire to succeed. That’s what I truly wanted, something I can control, rather than be controlled.”

Philip’s strong work ethic is paying off. He was recognized as a top manager several times throughout his career. Philip knew that he had made the right choice coming to AIL when he had been an Agent for about nine months. He recalls, “I was sitting in my weekly Business meeting and received a renewal check for a few thousand dollars, which I realized was for work I had done nine months earlier and for which I was still getting paid. That was a great feeling. Even better is that I still get that check nine years later.”

One of Philip’s biggest rewards with AIL is “the ability to control my own income, be my own boss, grow at the pace I want to grow, and not have someone tell me I can’t do something. Even more rewarding is helping people new to this business, teaching them the skills and habits needed for success, and watching them grow, prosper, and become very successful.”

Philip’s advice to others considering a career with American Income Life is “Don’t think, just do. Our system is proven since 1951; we know what works and what doesn’t. We tweak things along the way, but the systems are efficient and effective, which leads to greater success for everyone.”

If Philip could start over, would he change anything about his career? “Our clients want products they can understand and know they will pay out when the time comes. Our products do that and more. Consequently, I would set bigger and more aggressive goals than I did before. Nothing is unachievable at American Income Life because people are accomplishing things that would have been unheard of years ago, yet today are standard. I would have a bigger vision and set bigger goals, because AIL always will assist you in achieving them.”

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2000, Ryan Wilson headed a mortgage division for Countrywide Home Loans.  But by 2011, he was ready for a change.  “I decided to join American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) because of its renewals,” he recalls.  “But the most rewarding aspect of my association with AIL has been seeing other people around me accomplish big goals,” he adds. 

Why did Ryan choose to be a business owner?  “My strong work ethic coupled with my desire to achieve goals and my love of the process allows me to be an excellent leader.  What gets me fired up in the morning is my desire to help people succeed.  I willingly sacrifice personal time to help others achieve what they have only dreamed was possible.  I love working and helping people grow both personally and professionally.  It’s the best part of my AIL career,” he affirms.

Ryan appreciates the value of AIL and what it offers.  “AIL products provide people with a financial security blanket to assist them on their worst days, so when the opportunity to become a business owner came to me, I was more than ready,” he says.

Ryan also takes great pride in his personal achievements with American Income Life.  “I’m proud of earning the 2017 AIL World Cup as a Master General Agent (MGA) and the 2018 World Series as a Regional General Agent (RGA).  I also finished twice in the top 10 as an MGA and a runner up to the top slot as an RGA in 2018,” he states proudly.

What’s Ryan’s advice when you join the American Income Life team?  “Have a plan and then act on that plan.  Track the results and make adjustments regularly to stay on course with your desired goal,” he stresses.  “Prepare for community involvement too.  AIL supports people with both employment opportunities that can change their lives and products that help families get through the toughest times.  We financially support the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, have done community Thanksgiving and Halloween drives, support local soup kitchens, and help veterans needing assistance,” he states. 

Ryan’s free time is generally family time, which may include his two rescue dogs, Tigger and Bruce Wayne.  “I attend church and support my son with his lacrosse adventures and my daughter with her drama/theater activities.  In addition, we have a lake house, and I assist with beach and dock prep.  I’m also a Boston Celtics basketball fan and a football fan and enjoy working out at the gym, boating, and real estate.  My wife, Michelle, is my hero and biggest supporter.  I couldn’t do any of this without her.  She is a Rock Star,” he emphasizes. 

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