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American Income Life Insurance Company is all about Opportunity Unlimited. Opportunity Unlimited means there are no limits to how much you can earn, how far you can advance in your career, or how many people’s lives you can help protect. As an independent contractor, you are in control of your financial worth and leadership performance. If you’re looking for a flexible career opportunity where you truly help change the lives of others, take a closer look at American Income Life.

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"When I saw how my talents and dreams fit hand in hand with this Company, it was a done deal."

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Laura Fisher, Business Owner in Massachusetts, wasn’t always interested in a sales career. Laura graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a major in Animal Science and a minor in Biology. After graduation, she spent a year in Costa Rica researching monkey behavior and spent several months in the Central American rainforest helping with conservation efforts.

Upon returning to the United States, Laura made the decision to get started on her career with American Income Life. “I knew I not only loved working with people, but I truly cared about the well being of others. When I came in for an interview with American Income Life, and saw how my talents and dreams fit hand in hand with this Company, it was a done deal.”

Since coming to American Income Life Insurance Company, Laura has been a member of the Founder’s Club and the President’s Club. Laura was in the Top 10 General Agents her first year with AIL and was named in the Top 10 Master General Agents in her third year. In her fourth year, Laura was promoted to Business Owner.

“Knowing a family is better off because of the insurance coverage we put in place for them gives a real sense of accomplishment and purpose to what I do. Also, seeing my managers and Agents achieve their dreams and goals, and accomplish things they never thought was possible is an amazing experience.”

Laura says to never underestimate the power of persistence and a great attitude. When you’re focused and driven, you will go far at American Income Life. “If you’re a self-motivated individual who wants the opportunity to grow within a Company at a fast pace, you will be able to do it here.”

Laura’s Agency donates to several charitable organizations: Boston Boys and Girls Clubs, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Amnesty International, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), American Cancer Society, DANTA: Association for the Conservation of the Tropics.
After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Montclair State University in New Jersey in 2004, Ryan Hall worked in the banking and mortgage industries.  Before joining American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) in 2006, he was a top loan officer for five years before switching to the insurance industry and working for New York Life in Manhattan.  But the attraction to American Income Life was hard to resist.  “A friend took me as her guest to the 2006 AIL Convention in Boca Raton,” he recalls, “where I had the opportunity to see and hear top achievers in the Company, whose background, education, and experience were no better or worse than mine.  Their ability to excel created in me a deep-rooted belief that I could also accelerate my personal and professional growth and achieve financial freedom in the process.”

Ryan’s desire for business ownership with AIL was natural.  “I grew up being part of teams and competing to be the best, whether it was school or sports related.  I was generally in a leadership role on those teams that transferred to my career and business aspirations,” he states.  “Growing up outside New York City, I was drawn to business and entrepreneurial opportunities, which often tend to be solo.  American Income Life’s leadership track brought the best of both worlds together with an amazing business opportunity as well as clear cut paths to team building and leadership,” continues Ryan.  “I feel highly qualified to be a business owner because of my ability to help others understand and believe why and how they should and will be successful.  I do my best to help them see, uncover, and pursue the potential inside each person,” he adds.

What Ryan’s greatest accomplishment with AIL?  “I helped train, coach, and develop several current AIL leaders and producers to personal growth, career growth, and financial freedom.  They now enjoy a life and lifestyle that didn’t exist when they began their careers.  But the most rewarding aspect of joining the AIL team is growth … personal, professional, and financial … doing it side by side with my wife, and supporting our families, friends, clients, staff, Agents, and leaders in their own growth journeys,” he emphasizes.

Why choose American Income Life?  “AIL products allow busy, hardworking families to make simple decisions to protect their families with easy-to-understand products … products guaranteed to make a tremendous impact generationally on the family left behind,” says Ryan.  “When you join American Income Life, understand why you need to succeed with no backup plan.  Stay humble and coachable regardless of the results in the moment.  All that matters is consistent growth.  If I could restart my AIL career, I would have recruited sooner and at a higher level,” he reveals.

Ryan is excited about the value his Agency brings to the region.  “We offer people from different industries that lack competitive pay, growth, and support, the opportunity to utilize their experience and talents at AIL.  They can attain the income and growth of which they’re capable, while growing the local economy” says Ryan.  “In addition to hiring local talent, we work with several organizations to give back financially and through volunteering.  We encourage everyone in the Agency to support local businesses as much as possible.  I’m a board member and involved with several organizations that support the healthy development of children,” he affirms.

Ryan has several hobbies.  In addition to spending free time with his wife, two sons, and rescue dogs, he enjoys CrossFit, hiking, boating, and reading. He’s also a sports fan with the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, New York Yankees, and Ultimate Fighting Championship high on his list. 

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