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Globe Life American Income Division is all about Opportunity Unlimited. Opportunity Unlimited means there are no limits to how much you can earn, how far you can advance in your career, or how many people’s lives you can help protect. As an independent contractor, you are in control of your financial worth and leadership performance. If you’re looking for a flexible career opportunity where you truly help change the lives of others, take a closer look at Globe Life American Income Division.

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While earning his bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Joe Rotolo held a variety of different positions. “Before I joined Globe Life American Income Division (AIL) in 2016, I literally did it all … customer service that was face-to-face and over the phone, hospitality, retail, mortgages, education, selling solar hot water heaters, working in call centers, iHeartMedia … and the list goes on,” he recalls. “When I realized Globe Life American Income Division offered me the freedom and ability to dictate my own income, I knew where I needed to be.  Once I made the commitment to AIL, I had a dream to one day make it to the State General Agent (SGA) level.  It was only a question of when, and NOW is the time.  I bring a passion to help others succeed as I have,” he adds.

Joe’s Globe Life American Income Division career has been tremendously rewarding.  “It’s exciting to watch AIL products help people in so many different ways, and I believe this Organization brings unlimited opportunity to this region in career potential and economic impact.  I’m proud of helping my Organization grow exponentially, and I’ve had many rewards.  I believe I secured the first virtual sale in this Organization when Covid hit, and that was an important accomplishment.  But the most rewarding aspect of AIL is the friends and mentors I’ve gained,” he emphasizes.  “Watching Agents I have ‘under my wing’ take flight and grow is so satisfying, as is being available to spend more time with my family and loved ones. 

If I could restart my AIL career, I would change only one thing ... recruit more.  I always tell my Agents two things will happen to ensure they make AIL their long term career.  One is when they receive their first renewal paycheck, and the other is the first time they receive a death claim call.  I distinctly remember mine.  When you have positive thoughts, a positive mindset, are coachable, and have a strong work ethic, you can’t fail!  Globe Life American Income Division has already invented the system … just follow it,” he affirms.

Free time for Joe means family, friends, and sports.  He plays golf, soccer, darts, pool, and enjoys working out at the gym.  But it’s the Tampa Bay Rays and Tampa Bay Lightning hockey teams that make him a super fan.  He also enjoys all types of music and is a big supporter of the American Cancer Society.

Are you ready to embrace a new and empowering opportunity? Contact Globe Life American Income Division today, because your future starts NOW!

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What People Are Saying About Us
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Joe Rotolo, Business Owner

We’re looking for a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who see the value in our opportunity of a lifetime. Say yes to AIL and we’ll give you the ability to have an outstanding income and a whole new lifestyle. A career with Globe Life American Income Division gives you freedom. The choice is yours.

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